Steve Cozart

Known as “The Camera Guy, For the Camera-Shy”, is an award-winning photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. He was given his first camera by his grandmother at age eight. She taught him the love of nature, form, beauty and was very instrumental in helping him find the uniqueness in people. Steve has always been attracted to “lifestyle” photography – the type of work that is less posed, more relaxed and feels “truthful”. Steve believes that in creating a space of ease and familiarity where his clients find or rediscover that child-like notion that anything is possible and really can learn to enjoy being in front of the camera. He photographs actors and models for agency representation, portfolio creation and fashion/commercial work. In his role as a talent manager, Steve has always been able to spot what great photography looks like and to be able to decide what photos have impact, technical excellence and just plain star power. Regarding his newest blessing of helping those who may be camera shy or unsure of how to feel confident and look great in photos, Steve says, “My work, called The Camera-Ready Life, is the culmination of all I have learned about artful and skilled photography and of how to make anyone skilled in how to be photographed in any of life’s situations.  This ability to finally be seen authentically, confidently at any stage of life is so freeing. There’s something powerful about owning even a single photograph of yourself that you absolutely love. My mission is to help people get just that!”