Your “ICONic” Photo Shoot with Steve Cozart Offer

Your “ICONic” Photo Shoot with Steve Cozart Offer

Hi! I’m Steve Cozart – often called, “The Camera Guy for the Camera-Shy.”

“I Believe In… the power of iconic imagery. Images have shifted humanity, created instantly globally recognizable figures that define their craft. Photos have brought down regimes and changed public opinions. Icons change the world. If you were described as an icon, what would that be?
I can define it with you and launch or relaunch your brand.
I can help you with photos that embody your icon and produce “Visual Brand Equity” The value your own image adds to your brand, your business and your mission!  Iconic imagery is powerful!  As we create these images, I always provide a safe space of acceptance, fun and honesty for my amazing clients to truly be “seen”. This is not just a photo session. It’s a method of learning, envisioning and manifesting the images that you want – the images you need – the images you know can reveal your essence.

Yes – YOU can learn to love the camera and your image!
Even look forward to being in photos!

  • Do you ” fear or hate” having your photo taken?
  • Do you feel awkward and stiff in front of the camera, because you don’t know what to do?
  • Has making excuses – and not having a photo you love ever kept you from launching that website, book, taking that public speaking gig or just “getting out there?”

Are you ready to finally stop fearing the camera and learn how to look great in photos – everyday?

YES! I’m Ready to have a blast with Steve to create powerful, beautiful images and Reveal my own powerful ICON!

This how it works – what you get Before, During and After we have our Photo Shoot!

  • Your ICON Shoot LIVE WITH YOU! Created to provide you with iconic, memorable photos that attract who you want and create instant visual equity for your brand.
  • 30 Minute photo shoot – On location at the “GIFTED” event!
  • Up to 2 Outfits or Tops (changes)
  • Private Online proof gallery
  • You (and I, if you wish) pick your 10 (yes TEN) Favorite Super-High Resolution Photos
  • All post-production and touches to make your photos perfect in every way!
  • Download: Proofs of all photos taken + your Hi-Resolution Choices

This Iconic Offer of only






Purchase this offer and get…


** You will get a special custom photograph of your or my choosing, with a quote or brand in the photo highlighting your loving gift to the world

** FREE private, Pre-shoot Prep call (or Skype/Facetime) to help direct you with wardrobe, styling, etc. We’ll also remove and Head-Trash you might have.

Don’t worry – it will be fun and easy!

$400.00 Value!


WAIT Steve! I still have a few questions or concerns! I think I want something more than what you’ve described above. Can we talk?

Yes! That’s totally fine! Just contact me at
I’d love to say hello before you decide!

I’m looking forward to seeing you in my lens! I’m always looking out for your image!

P.S. — Just some stuff super-smart people tell me you should know…

Clients are responsible for any airfare, lodging, travel and other expenses.

Shoot must be purchased and full payment received before scheduled photo shoot date.

Stylists should be arranged by client and should be scheduled so that client is ready in time for our scheduled photo shoot

Refunds do not apply on cancellations prior to 3 days before the scheduled shoot.

All photography is technically guaranteed.® :: The Camera-ready Life and The Camera Guy for The Camera-Shy ®All rights reserved:: :: 7105 Pelican St. Danville, CA 94506 :: 925-640-3087